Regarding Fire and Birth: Photography, Ecology and Zen is a book I’ve compiled based on events I created at the San Francisco Zen Center in January of 2010. The intent of those events was to look at the aftermath of the Basin Complex Fires of 2008 from three perspectives: art (photography), science (ecology), and spirituality (Zen Buddhism). During the month of January I had a photography show at the Zen Center’s City Center of photographs taken of the Ventana Wilderness after those fires; Diane Renshaw gave a lecture on the fire ecology of the chaparral ecosystem of the Ventana Wilderness; and Abbott Myogen Steve Stucky gave a dharma talk focusing on the same process.

Afterwards I compiled this book, which contains most of the photographs used in my photo show, plus some more that were not; quotes from Dogen’s Genjo Koan; excerpts form Diane’s ecology lecture and Myogen’s dharma talk; and some haiku by Mitsu Suzuki.

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