There are two main characteristics for a lens: focal length and aperture.

Focal length is measured in mm. The longer the focal length, the more distant an object can be taken close up

The zoom ratio is the ratio of the maximum focal length to the minimum. Optical zoom – the property of the lens to change the focal length, which gives the photographer the ability to change the size of the image (“zoom in” or “remove” the object) without changing its location.

There is also a digital zoom. This is purely a software method. Using the digital zoom can greatly degrade the image. So when choosing a camera, you should not pay attention to the “digital zoom” parameter.

Aperture (aperture) – a value that characterizes the degree of light transmission of the lens. The higher the aperture, the more light passes through the lens. Denoted as f / x, where “x” is the f-number, the higher it is, the darker the lens, respectively, the lower, the higher the aperture.

High aperture allows you to shoot in darker conditions, as well as effectively blur the background.

Do not forget that all compact cameras are equipped with a fixed lens.