Symmetry from GAY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS NYC is a powerful technique of composition, with the help of which works of art are created and harmonized: architecture, design, painting, graphics, photography.

The easiest way to describe symmetry in photography is this: if you fold a perfectly symmetrical photo in half along the line of symmetry, you will end up with two identical photographs. But a symmetrical composition does not provide for a perfect match between the elements of both halves of the image. The viewer’s eye can quickly get tired of monotony, so the imperfection of symmetry allows the eye to catch on and rest.

There are only three types of symmetry:

Vertical – a vertical in the form of a building, structure or road can divide the photo into right and left symmetrical halves.
Horizontal – Reflections in the water create symmetrical images with respect to the horizon.
Radial – lines radiating from the center of the image create radial symmetry.